Best Climbing Jeans: Bulletprufe

I own about 6 pairs of these jeans. The first one was so good I stopped buying other brands.

The first time I saw someone climbing in jeans was my partner Mark:

Mark gazing at the Giant Dihedral

Mark in cut-off jeans

He always wore standard jeans, either full-length or cut off. I tried the same with a pair of Levi’s, but they didn’t have enough stretch, especially across the crotch, limiting my stemming action, yo! They were horribly constricting. But, I liked the look of his jeans – sorta old school, working class. Not the look of a B version Cirque du Soleil wannabe.

So, I decided to take a look around. I had some criteria:

  • Must be tough
  • Must have some stretch
  • Must have a a bomber zipper

Climbing is a full contact sport, and your clothing is the thin blue line separating whole cloth from a tattered rip. And a bad zipper is a pet peeve of mine – if the product’s zipper sucks, breaks down, is difficult to zip and unzip – then forget it!

Not a problem with these jeans! Bulletprufe lives up to it’s name with jeans made of ballistic nylon. Can it stop a bullet? Not sure I’m ready for that test, but I can attest to its rip-proofness against the sharp limestone of Shelf. And never had a problem with the zipper – always zipped!

Unlike the bright yellow, green, and electric blue of the Prana Ecliptic pants, these actually can pass for regular jeans, with more earthy colors like Olive Green, Serengeti Tan, and Tobacco Brown. You could wear these jeans as casual wear, and with a nice shirt won’t be turned away from nearly any venue!

Bulletprufe Tobacco Brown

Bulletprufe Tobacco Brown

And, after putting these pants through their paces from the granite of Clear Creek, the rough sandstone of Eldorado Canyon, and the sharp limestone of Shelf Road, I can attest to the toughness of the ballistic nylon these pants are made of. After my latest adventure I just throw these in the wash, and they come out looking brand new again!

I’m also impressed by the stain resistance of these jeans, from salsa to a full mug of coffee – the pants don’t stain. A standard wash in warm water seems to do the trick – every time!

And for something that can stop a speeding bullet, these are super soft and comfortable. Hard not to rave about them, they are so perfect for climbing!

And, oh yeah: did I happen to mention that the zipper is bomber?

From their website:

•10x Stronger
•Unsurpassed Abrasion Resistance
•High-Strength Triple Stitching
•Reinforced Yoke
•Quad-Blend Diagonal Stretch
•Baby Soft

I can attest to the “Quad-Blend Diagonal Stretch”. Not too much, hardly noticeable until you swing a high leg for some heel hook action, and the expected constriction just never appears. The jeans just seem to give when you need it to, without being overly stretchy. They are just really super-comfortable without seeming like anything other than regular jeans.

Like my partner says: Get a pair!




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