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Anker Ultra Portable Pocket Size Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Review

Great little speaker! Under 2″ square and outputs great sound for the size. Mini USB rechargable, 3 oz, fits in the palm of my hand and comfortably in a front pocket. One of those grab and go items you don’t really need to think about since it is so small, yet powerful. Bring to the beach, play outside while you relax or are working – anywhere you need portable sound. I use it with my iPhone and it pairs well on bluetooth.

Philosophy of use – small, compact yet powerful bluetooth speaker. Useful for travel, the beach, anywhere you want portable rich sound in a tiny package.
Specifications: Size and weight, battery size, runtime: 12 hr run time, under 2” (1.8” to be exact. Uses a mini USB to recharge. 3 ounces.
Form and Function: tiny, yet outputs great sound for such a small package. While maybe not as hi def as a regular speaker – it has surprisingly good sound.
Additional features – Rechargeable, auto shut off
Compare with? Larger speakers – well, they are…larger
Likeability: Lots to like – it’s cute, you can stick it easily in a pack, or even your front pocket

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