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Petzl Sitta Harness Review

Pretty soon I will be traveling in South America, most likely Chile, and I debated whether or not to bring a harness. I looked at my current quiver of harnesses, but they all seemed too large to take with me, where every ounce matters when it weighs down a pack.

I started looking casting around for suggestions on a good travel harness, and at first was directed tot he Petzl Hirundos. And while I found it a very capable harness, I found that the leg loops always were off-center, pulling to the left behind me. Not sure what the reason for that was – my waist size or something, but then someone told me that there was an even lighter harness called the Sitta, made by Petzl as well, and that it had recently came out.

I decided to give it a test drive, both outside in Clear Creek, as well as at my home gym of EarthTreks Golden. In all respects I found it to be an excellent product. This is what I would design for myself – something so light that you forget it’s on. Strong and sturdy despite how thin it was, yet comfortable on belay or descent or hangdogging.

I really feel this is going to be one of my favorite harnesses!

The Petzl Sitta Harness is available on Amazon.

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