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Aerolatte To Go

The Aerolatte to go is an excellent milk frother, miniature mixer for coffee and workout drinks. Good for Travel, kitchen device. The size fits in your hand, and is only 3.5 ounces . It ships with 2 AA batteries – which I then switch out for rechargeables. It has a flat base for standing upright and has a plastic case that keeps it clean when tucked away.

it’s not as powerful as countertop mixers and espresso machine frothers, but also very much smaller than other countertop appliances.

As far as likability – can you like an inanimate object? Yes, because it fulfills its purpose very well. Powerful enough, simple to use, small enough, and useful enough to even bring traveling.

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Bulletproof Coffee – Cheap Version!

As I get older, I find myself paying more attention to what I eat, and more importantly: how I feel afterwards. Climbing well, and being productive, is all about how much energy you have. When I was a younger guy, energy to do the things I wanted to do came naturally. As I get older I find myself calculating the consequence of that pile of rice, the carbs in that sandwich I’m considering, the aftermath of that beer (or 2 or 3…).

A couple years ago I heard of a new fad product called Bulletproof Coffee. I’ve read a little bit about it, where you take a premium coffee without mycotoxins, and combine it with MCT oil from Coconut oil and unsalted grass fed butter. It was supposed to give you extra energy, a sense of fullness, and overall just great for performance.

And now there have been upgrades to the original products, with something called XCT Oil, which is a better form of the original MCT oil, and Brain Octane Oil instead of using the butter. You can get into the marketing science of the whole thing, but I was just trying to figure out a way to test this without shelling out $32 for a bottle of oil. I mean, I’m paying $3 for premium gasoline for my car already! At gas prices, this XCT oil is $128/gal!

‘You get what you pay for…blah blah blah.’

Okay, I get it. If something works and you think it’s worth it the market will determine what it is worth. The origin of this coffee came from when “David Asprey developed his Bulletproof Coffee recipe after traveling to Tibet and tasting yak-butter tea drinks.”  “Butter tea is a popular drink in Tibet, where its high calorific content provides energy to those performing manual labor in a harsh environment.”
~ Source: wikipedia

Uhuh. Sounds like a great drink prior for climbing!

I’ve avoided coffee since it seems to affect my emotions by increasing my anxiety – not great for climbing sketchy routes! It also seems to lower my anger threshold, I find that I get mad at stupid things I wouldn’t if I was drinking, say, tea. Also, it seemed that sometimes coffee had the effect of making me tired, not energized – first with a spike and then a massive drop of energy.

And while I switched to tea I missed the taste and smell of coffee.

Sooo, I decided to just do an experiment, by just trying a version of the original idea: coffee with a tablespoon of grass fed unsalted butter, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Then, see how I felt afterwards.

Let the experiment begin!



  • Add a Tablespoon Bustelo Cafe for one cup of coffee in small French Press
  • After 3-4 minute brew time, press down the grounds in the French Press, and pour into a blender with the Tablespoon of butter, and Tablespoon of Coconut oil.
  • Blend till frothy
  • Drink!

Cafe Bustelo, muy bueno!

French Press, bien sur que oui!

Tres minutos!

French pressing

Will it blend?

Frothy, latte-like el cheapo – bulletproof me!

Well, I did, and I have to say I liked it! I felt alert, not drained, my hunger was sated, and no emotional rollercoastering! I had a productive morning blogging with no energy lows.

Initial test = positive results!


So, $1.75 to make a cup of my El Cheapo version of Bulletproof coffee.

Not cheap, you say? Yeah, that’s what I thought. That Kerry butter was a surprise at $2/ounce. And an ounce of Organic extra virgin Coconut oil is no slouch at $1/ounce (a Tablespoon is half an ounce, btw).

I guess the real el cheapo version is just coffee, at 25 cents per cup. But, I wasn’t willing to compromise on the Extra virgin organic coconut oil – it’s what I would use personally, and the grass fed butter seemed like an analog to the Yak butter from the Tibetan steppes.

Well, what if you go premium with all Bulletproof brand products? Let’s do the math:

So, $2.36,  or $.61 more, or 34% more for the premium version.

Hmm…not all that much more than my so-called el cheapo version, actually. Makes me interested in trying the “real” version, with the “Brain Octane Oil” or the “XCT Oil” (either can be used instead of the Coconut Oil – more info here), and the mycotoxin free premium “BulletProof coffee”.

I mean, if my so-called el cheapo version felt pretty good, for an additional .61 cents, I wonder what the expensive premium version feels like? Sure, the el cheapo cheapo (just coffee) version is just a quarter, but it just doesn’t seem to work well for me. And we’re talking performance here!

For just 61 cents more maybe I too could climb harder faster stronger!

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