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Bulletproof Tea

I used to drink my version of Bulletproof coffee, with store bought Bustelo Coffee, grassfed butter and MCT oil in powder form, but I noticed that I still got the jitters. I knew that the inventor of Bulletproof coffee originally got the idea from the Yak Butter Tea he drank in Tibet, so I thought: ‘Why not try this with black tea instead?’ I figured that it would still have the caffeine that made coffee effective, yet without the jittery effect or the mycotoxins of coffee. It seemed to work about as effectively as the coffee, so going forward I decided to just make Bulletproof tea.

The inventor of Bulletproof Coffee originally got the idea from drinking Yak Tea in Tibet, which he found to give him sustained energy and alertness. While I do drink my version of Bulletproof coffee, sometimes I still get the jitters from coffee, and lately I’ve switched it up to using black tea. I have not tried the true Bulletproof coffee, which the owner says reduces the micro toxins that cause jitters, but I take his statements with a grain of salt, since, you know, he sells the stuff.

Bulletproof tea is made by brewing Black tea, and then adding a tablespoon or two of grassfed butter and MCT Oil

Grass-fed unsalted butter is used for several reasons
– High in Butyrate, which is anti-inflammatory
– higher in omega-3’s, CLA, betacarotene, Vitamin K, D and E and antioxidants.

I just know it makes the coffee or in this case tea really creamy, and seems to inhibit hunger since I also practice One Meal A Day diet.

I also add a powdered form of MCT Oil, which is a fat that is supposed to metabolize fastest int he brain. It doesn’t need to be processed by the liver, and is used for energy production, or ATP. The powdered form also is known for less gastric distress, or “greasy skid marks”, if you know what I mean. The MCT oil also jumpstarts ketosis, by increasing the amount of ketones.

ketosis is the state where the body burns fat for energy.

All in all, I like the Butter Tea version of Bulletproof, bullet proof yourself with bulletproof tea!

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