Tour of Conchita la Casita

Launching the GripandClip YouTube channel with a tour of Conchita la Casita! Conchita means “Little shell” in  Espanol, which I think apropos since “Casita” is Spanish for “Little house,” and Casita’s outer shell is composed of two fiberglass “shells”. The 13′ version of the Casita is the smallest of the Casita fiberglass RVs, but within […]

Maiden Voyage of the Conchita

Sept 21st, Thursday – Thursday I hooked up Conchita to the Suburu. I wished I had an easy breaking champagne bottle to christen Conchita. Had to settle for hitching the trailer without killing anyone: A post on the Casita Owners FB page, asked “You’re little Suburu is going to tow it?” Which made me think: “Well, […]

Conchita the Casita

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Conchita the Casita

I just bought a used Casita Patriot. It is a 13′ model and I am it’s 3rd owner. I thought that it would be fun to document my experience with my new adventure travel trailer. I had been thinking about getting some sort of boondocking setup, where I could travel and live in for a […]

Prepping the house for rental, world travel, and the death of my Subie

I wouldn’t have installed the flooring if I hadn’t heard how easy it is to install them. Like a idiot person who likes challenges, I decided to install them myself. Laminate wood floors, boxed at Home Depot – what could go wrong? I got the cheapest ones I could find: TrafficMaster Oak at .68 cents a square foot. […]