Igniting the Flame

In my opinion, most modalities skip a vital step, which is igniting the fire in the lower belly. Called the Lower Dantien in Chinese traditions such as Taoism, it is typically located 3 finger widths below the belly button. I would start there, but understand that there can be variations between different people, with the lower belly energy center located a bit higher or lower. Once you get this energy moving you’ll be able to feel the exact location for yours.

The basics are to feel the lower belly center as a ball of energy. The natural movement of the ball is to rotate forward, 1 time per day. The goal for igniting the lower belly energy is to increase the rotation to many times per second, to spin as fast as possible.

This is best done in a seated position, either cross-legged, or seated in a chair with feet planted on the ground, and spine straight.

To increase the amplification, you can clasp your hands, with one hand over the other as you rotate the lower abdomen energy center.

This is again a first step in a journey of a thousand steps. This will ignite and activate the body’s energetic system, and you’ll start to feel the lines of energy flow. Once the energy is flowing, you’ll be able to┬ábenefit from the increased energy in both climbing and in life.

How does this apply to climbing?

The first thing that I noticed is that my balance improved. It was as if Ii had a gyroscope inside me, helping my balance, and the experience of a “center.”

Later, I experienced some manifestations of the energy, such as an increase in grip strength beyond what I was physically capable of by simple muscle contraction.

But these are simple results when applied to climbing. The results have a bigger impact when I consider their impact on my life. After a period of time you’ll feel the streams of energy nearly all the time. I’ve also felt the energy feel especially strong when I get woken in the night.

Other practices that I will outline in future posts will help in your meditation practices.


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