7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Climbers

just in time for Christmahanakwanzika, is the GripandClip gift giving guide for the climber in your life! The items displayed here (except for the Panda Chalk Bag) are items I use when I rope up, and can attest to how great they are!

1. Bulletprufe Denim

Bulletprufe denim, $97.95 Amazon

When I want to wear something Jeans-like for climbing, but need some stretch, I reach for one of my trusty pairs of Bulletprufe denim. Did I happen to mention they are also constructed from ballistic nylon? Perfect for the scratchy crag!

From the Bulletprufe website:

•10x Stronger
•Unsurpassed Abrasion Resistance
•High-Strength Triple Stitching
•Reinforced Yoke
•Quad-Blend Diagonal Stretch
•Baby Soft

After trying on both the “Slim” and “Adventure” fit, I prefer the Adventure fit for climbing. For how tough they are, they are amazingly soft. And every crag coffee stain comes off in the wash. They have a great hassle free return policy, and free shipping!

2. Funny Climbing T-Shirt

Addicted to Crack T-Shirt

$27-32.95 Depending on Design. Addicted to Crack T-Shirt

Funny climbing t-shirts make for a great gift!

Shop the GripandClip Spreadshirt T-Shirt store, with t-shirts with sayings like “Free Belay Jobs!”, “Crack Addict”, and “My other Car is a Rope!” among other quips to declare your love of climbing! And if you’d like something a bit different, Spreadshirt even let’s you change the text!

3.  Panda Bear Chalk Bag

Panda Chalk Bag, $12.99, Amazon

Everyone else has a boring ol’ REI-Arcteryx-Mammut fill-in-the-blank generic chalk bag. Why not show some individuality and style with a Panda chalk bag?

4. The Rock Warrior’s Way (Book)

The Rock Warrior’s Way, $17.99 Amazon

I have to say, during a period of time where I was wrestling with some inner lead climbing demons, this book helped me sort some of those out. I recommend this book to anyone who rock climbs to set their head back on straight!

5. Sterling Evolution BiColor Dry Rope 70M

Sterling Evolution BiColor Dry Rope, $338.20 Amazon

I am not shy about saying that this is my favorite rope. 70M is a must to link together multipitch pitches, and to not get hung up on long routes like the 125′ Made in the Shade at the Canal Zone in Golden.

The sheath, not just the core, is dry-treated to keep both moisture, as well as dirt and grime, from destroying your rope.

And, after missing the halfway markings on partner’s ropes one too many times, one can see the benefit of having a nice visual change that a bicolor rope gives.

6. Metolius Ropemaster Rope Bag

Metolius Rope Bag, with integrated tarp, $140.25 Amazon

This is the bag I use. I’ve tried my partner’s bag, as well as experimented with tarps and the one integrated with backpacks, but I like to have a separate bag just for my rope. It has an integrated tarp, as well as straps for tightening the bag down into a size that can fit in your crag pag, or hang off the top straps of your pack. It also has a comfortable shoulder strap for carrying on it’s own.

7. Armaid Arm Roller

Armaid, $110 Amazon

This device totally cured my recurring elbow pain. A lot of the issue was the tightness of my forearm muscles pulling on the tendons of my elbows. With a short session with the Armaid rollers I stopped having the debilitating pain, and could climb the next day on a climbing trip in Rifle.


There you go! 7 Holiday gift ideas ranging from a $12.99 Panda Chalk Bag to a $338 Sterling Evolution 70m Dry Rope.

Happy Christmahanakwanzika!

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