Grivel Salamander Helmet Review

Grivel Salamander Helmet

Grivel Salamander Helmet

It’s wasp yellow and has the outline of two black salamanders on the back. Oh yeah: it protects your noggin against rockfall, the errant fist, and the vicissitudes of the heart.

The first time I saw this helmet being worn was at Rifle. There were these Euro climbers (I eventually found out they were from Sweden) all outfitted with different colored versions of this lid. I’d never seen this style of helmet before. They looked like a climbing troupe, climbing hard routes, complete with camping chairs and making coffee by cragside – which I thought very Euro.

The style of helmet is what I like to call “Fighter pilot,” with elastic bands front and back to securely hold your headlamp. This is one of the few helmets that extends it’s protection to the sides of the head.

Black Salamander

Black Salamander, photo credit:

The Grivel Salamander Helmet comes in like 8 colors, and can be found at

Hey grrrl, you know what this helmet is made of? Boyfriend material...

Hey grrrl, you know what this helmet is made of? Boyfriend material…

Pick one up while they last!


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