Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus review

Guide 10 Plus

Guide 10 Plus

Because of all the online work I do, I have to think of a solution for powering my laptop, cellphone and other devices. This is so I don’t drain my battery down. Right now the outlets are setup for either shorepower (120 volts) or 30 amp RV campsite power.  What I’d like to do is add on solar, at least to the extent that it can power my laptop, and other small electronic devices (Apple watch, etc).

Green light means "ready to charge!"

Green light means “ready to charge!”

Seems like everyone recommends the Renogy 100 watt solar panel as a low cost/reasonable power combination – and eventually I may get one.

Right now I’m still wrapping my head around solar. From what I understand the most common RV setup is to go from the panels to charge a battery, which you then attach an inverter to convert the power from DC to an A/C 120 volt. But then there are some intricacies, like getting a pure “sine wave” from your power source so you don’t screw up your electronics. You don’t want a “dirty” sine wave (I didn’t even know a “dirty” sine wave existed, till I started researching this.

You can open up the panel and just used the charged AA batteries

You can open up the panel and just used the charged AA batteries

Soooo, I thought going small before going large would help me figure out solar.

Introducing: the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus. Basically, this is the Nomad 7 Solar Panel that charges 4 AA batteries included in the Guide 10 Plus, then you use the appropriate connection (USB, etc) in order to use the power collected by the solar.

Yesterday, I charged the Guide 10 on my 1.5 hr drive to Silverthorne. The sun shone pretty brightly on my dash where I had the panels spread out. Afterwards, before I went to sleep I plugged the iPhone to the Guide 10 battery pack, and about 3 hrs later the charge went from 67% to fully charged 100%.

Now, I’m thinking a larger Goal Zero solar kit, such as the Yeti 400 kit  may even be enough for what I need, rather than figuring out the Renogy. I can have a portable kit I can use anywhere (not just the Casita). I could get a larger Goal Zero Solar Kit – and be done with it. Still considering my options 😉

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