Casita Drawer Table

Since I made the dining table area a permanent bed, I need some sort of table solution. Shirley, the previous owner, already had a solution: A drawer table!

Drawer table - couch view

Drawer table – couch view

Essentially, you use your drawer as the support for a board that forms the table top and is supported by the extended drawer.

The previous owner, Shirley Adler, had created a drawer table which worked well for her, but because the latch extended through the hole in the top of her table I couldn’t lay my laptop flat on it. I decided to make some modifications to her original design, and add another wood layer to rise above the latch, and to place a topper sheet so there were no holes for stuff to fall through..

I use the top drawer for the table support:

Drawer closed

Drawer closed

Extended out, there’s still enough of the drawer in the wall to support the weight of the table top:



A cutout for the drawer latch has to be cut in the underside of the table top:

Opening to fit over the drawer handle

Opening to fit over the drawer handle

The table top is held by the clasp at the rear of the drawer and supported by drawer top edge:



Placing the table over the drawer

Placing the table over the drawer and tucked under the back latch thingy.

Et voilà!

Drawer table, bed view

Drawer table, bed view. Added signage to have a smoother surface area in case of hand writing (like that’s going to happen!)

Laptop parking

Laptop parking, tenant only!

Lessons learned:

  • Measure twice, buy once ! (you can quote me on that). As simple as this project is I nearly screwed up a few times because I didn’t take into account how far up the latch extended through the hole. Had to go back and get a different thickness of wood for the top.
  • It turned out a little heavier than I wanted. If I did it again I would have hollowed out as much of the underside as I could. But, all-in-all I like the solidity that the extra wood adds.
  • I used this sort of Rubber paint for the edges. I like it because it gives the surface a slight tacky feel, which should keep things from sliding off the edges. I think I’ll use the same treatment for the smaller table I am making for the convertible bed. Yep, maybe the bed will change from permanent to semi-permanent.


  • $77.95 – Jigsaw – If you’re anything like me, I have few tools, so now’s the time to stop sleeping and start buying (Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself!)

  • $6.28 – Rubber Paint – Gives a slightly tacky, non-slip surface. I got white, but you can get this in different colors as well.

So, if you already have the jigsaw, the cost is around $80. You can save some money by buying fewer screws, or a smaller piece of wood.

I tend to make a few mistakes, as furniture projects are NOT my forte, so I tend to buy a little bit more than I need, just in case I mess the first one up.

Add another $74 (more or less depending on brand) in case you don’t have a jigsaw already, and you’ll now have a solid table for all your laptopping!

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