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Please Note: This is going to be Mac specific.

If you are a professional blogger, or aspire to become one, you must get good at Blogging Workflow. A workflow is a set routine to go from asset creation to publish. You need a set routine for publishing fast – this is my way of doing so.

I think the Mac was built for the Digital Nomad, and this from a guy who used to be all about PCs! But the way you can go from filming and shooting pics on iPhone, upload via AirDrop, insert the pics and/or video to your blog, and then share to Youtube – it’s the best blogging platform imaginable!

In this article I will show you how I:

  1. Take photos and videos of an experience.
  2. Write a blog about it, and upload the images.
  3. Make a YouTube Video with Narration.
  4. Embed the Youtube video in my blog.


Forget the GoPro, the iPhone is easier to use, takes fantastic pictures and videos, has slomo, panorama, and time-lapse built in. I take all of my blog photos and GripandClip YouTube videos with my iPhone 6s. The reason I also like it is it’s tightly integrated with my Macbook Pro.

MacBook Pro

I have the 13 inch 2016 version of the Macbook, the one that still uses USB 3.0, and has an earphone/mic plug. The reason the Mac is so great for blogging is the way you can upload photos and videos with AirDrop.


Upload icon in lower left

Open the photo in the Photo App on your iPhone, then Click the rectangle with the up pointing arrow in the lower left.








Click yerself, don’t Wrick yerself!


If you have Bluetooth turned on, and have a wifi signal,  you will see an icon that appears below the photos that represents your MacBook. Click on the icon to AirDrop the photo from your iPhone to your MacBook.


The photo will AirDrop into your Downloads folder on your Macbook.



The Photo is AirDropped to your Downloads folder.

Insert Media

ThGo back to your WordPress Admin, and Upload the photo from your Downloads folder to your blog post.

Go back you your WordPress post and Upload the picture to your Media Library, then select and Insert into the blog.
Usually, this is step one in my Blogging Workflow. Once I am done with the text and inserting a few images I will hit publish. But my work is not done yet…


Mac has a built-in video editor called iMovie, where I import video I just shot, and then edit together with narration and music. YouTube provides copyright free music that is pretty decent, but perhaps a tad overused. It’s just some background music. You can buy music as well, but typically I just go the free route.

Video editing, while not hard, is a subject unto itself, so I will save that for another post. But here’s a look at the interface:





The upper left is your Media Library, or the assets like Video clips, still images, music and narration that you use to build your video. The upper right is a preview window where you can review the video clips, and below is the editing timeline, where you drop video clips in the order you want them displayed, and where you do the cutting and pasting of the different assets in your Media Library.

With iMovie, when done you can even upload directly to YouTube.  But I don’t do this because sometimes I encounter a hickup on upload. What I do is “Save to a File” on my computer. Once saved, I then go directly to YouTube to Upload.

Back to your original post

Once my YouTube video is up and running, I also embed the video into my original post:


I post the blog post with just the Text and images first, because that’s the fastest way to get something up and seen. Since Video editing can take longer, I’ll often just do this first, and embed the video at a later date.



And that, in a nutshell, is my typical workflow. From filming to final blog post with Youtube embedded can be as quick as an hour or two. If you want to be successful at this, you want to become not just good, but fast, and some sort of blogging workflow can help increase your cadence so that you can get to the point of posting every other day, or even every day.

Quality does matter, but you’ll also need quantity in order to make an impact. And an efficient workflow will make blogging nearly effortless.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Shoot,
  • Blog
  • Upload photos
  • Edit Video
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Embed the video in Blog post
  • DONE!

…well, you still have to promote. That I will save for a future posts as well. Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns in the comment section below!

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