The Best Climbing Rope!

After over 6 years of climbing, I’ve owned 4 different ropes, and have climbed with several from my friends, and my latest rope may be my last: the Sterling Evolution Velocity BiColor 70M.

In the universe of different climbing ropes, why do I like the Sterling Evolution Velocity BiColor 70M in particular?

Five reasons why a Sterling Evolution Velocity BiColor 70M rope is the Best rope:

    1. 70 meters or about 230 feet. Some of my more favored routes are longer routes, and on multipitch I often want to link pitches for speed (and fun)!
    2. BiColored – If I’m rappelling off a route, the BiColor saves me time in locating the midpoint. And when reeling off rope on a trad belay, it’s often helpful to let the leader to know they’ve reached the halfway point so they can figure out how high they’ve gone (35M or ~115 feet). They can then calculate whether to build an anchor, or to start searching for the anchor bolts. This also gives a distance reference to figure out if you can linkup pitches on a multipitch, or not.
    3. 9.8mm – This width is a good balance between light and strong. The thinner the rope, the less it can withstand wear and tear. But I’ve found 10mm and above to feel too thick and heavy for my taste, and under 9.4mm feels too thin on belay, and I start to have trouble slowing the reel off (not enough friction on using a  GriGri).
    4. Dry core AND Dry sheath – The dry sheath and core is not only useful for ice climbing, but it also keeps the rope protected in case of rain or the errant puddle. Someone may say, “Well, I never climb in the rain, so I don’t need it…” Really? You’ve never been caught out in the rain with your rope? You sir, are a luckier person than I! But also, a dry sheath also protects against the incursion of the ever-present dirt and grime, keeping your rope both looking and feeling brand new.It has a good hand as they say, feeling good in the hand, feeling smooth, and adds a beneficial stiffness to the rope to help keep it untangled. This also makes it much easier to make clips on sport and trad routes.
    5. Good amount of stretch – Not a ridiculous amount, just enough. Belaying my friend with a different rope after a fall on the second clip I felt like the stretch would never end, risking him decking. The Sterling Evolution, on the other hand, has the perfect amount of stretch, reducing the impact force of a fall without being overly stretchy.

Is this the last rope you will ever need? Well, you might get a more focussed rope, say a static rope for indoors, or a shorter or thinner rope for twin rope, alpine, or multipitch tag line, and so for a specific task I can see doing that. But for an all-around great rope that is suitable for single or multipitch sport and trad it’s just about perfect!

And while you might think this not suitable for Alpine and other task specific climbing activities –  this rope is increasingly my go to rope for the majority types of climbing I may do.

Product Reviewed

$338.20, Sterling Evolution 70m Dry Sheath and Core, BiColor

  • Low impact force
  • Smooth Tight sheath
  • Firm hand for easy clips

Product Specifications

    • Rope Weight: 9.56 pounds
    • Dry Sheath and DryCore
    • BiColored
    • 70M (other lengths available)
    • ASIN: B003L6NP1Q
    • Item model number: EV0-VR


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