GripandClip is where I write on my adventures, whether it be climbing, or mountain biking or whatever. I’ll also write gear reviews,  adventures with my 13′ Fiberglass RV Conchita la Casita or basically anything else that comes to mind.

Like many of us,  I am a moderate climber that is trying to improve, but I think writing about moderates and local routes is valuable to the majority of folks that also climb in the moderate range. Not all of us are rock stars, but we probably ALL felt like a rock star climbing a 5.8 for the very first time.

I’ve noticed that we all seem to get to sticking points, usually around 5.10, and then hit a point of rising above it, and for a few of us – beyond. Or, like myself, languish at 5.10, occasionally rising to 5.11s, but really not caring so much, as it’s all 5.fun! And there’s plenty to climb up to 5.10.

I started climbing in 2010, and almost immediately knew, even though there was a huge sucking sound when I climbed, that this was the sport for me. I was known for climbing trees as a kid, and in college I scrambled up the first and second Flatirons in high tops, not knowing what the hell I was doing really.

But, seriously climbing since 2010, accumulating gear and knowledge, trying to safely (and unsafely) navigate the learning curve enough to become proficient.  All of a sudden, looking at my gear closet I see 2 sets of rope, 3 shoes (with 2 more at Rock and Resole), a double set of trad cams, 3 helmets, etcetera, etcetera…

Now, my climbing has evolved to learning trad and even crack climbing. In climbing, there’s always a next level.

So, feel free to look around, and let me know if you found something you liked.